Consider These Technology Features When Looking For The Right Courier

When you need to send an important item that must make it safely to its destination, the first step of the process is finding a courier that can take care of the transportation for you. Given the importance of the item you’re sending, you need to be confident that the courier you’re hiring is reputable. While it might be tempting to just hire the courier that offers the cheapest rate, it’s a better strategy to contact a couple couriers and ask some questions related to their use of technology. Often, a reputable courier’s use of technology in a variety of areas is what sets it apart from its competitors. Here are some topics on which to touch.

Use Of Digital Terminals

Couriers that have made technological investments in their company will have employees who use digital terminals when picking up your package and delivering it. Less-reputable companies may use paper invoices, which won’t provide you with the same degree of confidence. Digital terminals will provide a clear record that the package is in the courier’s custody once you sign for it, and then another record that shows when the intended recipient has received it.

Online Tracking

Another valuable technological feature that reputable couriers will offer is the use of online tracking. This is an absolute must when you’re sending something important. You’ll receive a dedicated tracking number that will allow you to monitor the journey of your package from the time it leaves your office to the time it arrives with the recipient. This information will be updated at several points along the way, which will give you the ability to see where the package is at any given time. This is far superior to a courier that doesn’t offer this service, as you’re left guessing as to when the package might arrive.

Instant Email Updates

Reputable courier companies that have invested in the latest technologies related to this field will also have the capability of providing you with instant updates by email. In addition to the online tracking, this service will make you feel confident about your item’s location. For example, you’ll receive an email when your item reaches the sorting facility, and then another one when it clears the facility and is on the truck to be delivered. Some couriers will even offer notification by text message, which is ideal if you aren’t sitting at your computer all day but want to know the status of the item.