3 Benefits Of Wireless Motorized Shades

Currently, in the automated shades industry, you have two main options for motorized shades. The first option is wired motorized shades. These, as the name implies, have wires that attach to the motor mechanism and extend down to a control box. The control box is often next to the window where the shades are located, but it is possible to extend the wires to a central control box elsewhere in the house. 

Wireless motorized shades have a small device installed within them, which receives commands from a central control box in your home. In both circumstances, the control box may or may not be able to receive commands from an outside device such as a remote control or a smartphone. 

Wireless motorized shades are becoming the more popular option. Below are three reasons why you may want to consider installing them or upgrading your current wired shades. 

Less Visual Impact 

Wires on wired shades are becoming less visible. There are many ways to camouflage them or hide them. However, ultimately, the wires and the control boxes are still slightly visible by each window. This can harm your room’s aesthetic if you are trying to have a clean, modern look or a more traditional appearance. With wireless shades, all of the components can be fully hidden beneath a valance, and the control box can be installed in another room where it is less conspicuous. 

More Remote Control Options 

Some wired systems offer remote control support. However, most do not. Alternatively, wireless systems not only offer remote control support but also offer bluetooth options to sync with your smartphone or smartphone apps that allow you to control your system while you are away. This can allow you to make your home look like it is occupied while you are on vacation and can make it easier to wake your children up in the morning, by opening their shades even if you are already at work. 

The Ability to Expand Your System

With wired systems, each time you add a new shade or motorized awning, you have to think about the path for your wires and how you will hook the new item up to your centralized control. However, with a wireless system, you can simply purchase new items and easily sync them with your current system. This means there will be no extra installation beyond the usual installation of a shade or awning.