3 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Better Dental Care

Brushing your teeth is a routine that probably doesn’t change much on a day to day basis. While some aspects of the process may seem annoying, there are ways you can upgrade the area to improve your daily routine. By meeting with an electrician, you can plan out three different upgrades ideal for your tooth brushing area. Each of these upgrades will help with the process and comfort of taking care of your teeth each day.

USB Ports

Teeth cleaning technology has evolved far beyond the typical toothbrush and floss. Now teeth cleaning can be done more efficiently and comfortably thanks to electronic gadgets. A number of these gadgets operate using USB ports. The ports can be used to charge batteries or power the device all together. An electrician has the ability to install USB ports directly in the walls near your sink area. Using these ports, you can plug in items like a powered tooth brush or a water flosser. Having the charging ports will ensure that the items are fully functional and ready to use each time you go to brush.

Track Lighting

When taking care of your teeth, it’s important to see your mouth and any spots that you missed. Proper lighting can go a long way in supplying these visuals. One type of light that an electrician can install is a track light. Installed directly above your sink, these lights can shine down on your mouth and in the mirrors you look in to. This will provide clear visuals of your teeth and gums. As you brush, you can examine your mouth clearly.

The adjustable lights makes it easy to shine a beam directly on an area that you may be concerned about. Depending on the size of the area, an electrician can install two to five lights on a single track beam. Each light will be wired to the same switch and it may also contain a dimmer for easier control.

Radiant Floor Heating

Brushing your teeth in the morning or at night can be uncomfortable if you’re barefoot and the ground is cold. Instead of skipping brushing or dealing with the cold, you can make your dental care area as comfortable as possible with the installation of radiant floor heating. Heating panels are installed underneath the flooring of the area. A comfortable heat rises to the surface level and makes it comfortable to walk and stand while brushing your teeth. This is especially great for winter months when the cold can easily seep into the bathroom.

Contact electrical services for pricing estimates and installation times on these various upgrades.